Ultimate List of Contemporary Chaise Longue Chairs

This list is put together to share with you the types of modern chaise longue (lounge) chairs that are trending as one of the highly favored furniture. Originally known as chaise longue (form it’s origin french name), many now refer this type of chair as chaise lounge. The chaise is a great piece of furniture that adds class and taste to your living space. Not Read More →

How To Get A Cheap Chaise Lounge With A Low Budget

The chaise lounge is often seen as a luxury piece of furniture. Now, you can own a chaise lounge of your own even if you have a small budget. Thanks to our friends on the internet, many of these folks have shared some of their brilliant ideas that can help us save so much more and yet let us own a chaise lounger! Here are Read More →

Comfy Bean Bag Chaise Lounge Seats

Even chaise lounge chairs do come in forms of bean bags. Not your traditional chaise lounge or a bean bag, let us introduce you to this new hybrid, which is a mix between a bean bag and a lounger. This bean bag is shaped like a typical lounger except that it’s a bean bag. No hard, firm surface and you can just jump in and Read More →

Wicker Chaise Lounge For Homes Patio

What’s better than to enjoy great weather with wicker chaise lounge chairs that let you laze on and spend some relaxing time. Wicker patio chaise lounge are great furniture pieces that are great to have as they are sturdy, long lasting and great for time alone or with friends and family. If you are one who likes something not too modern minus the steel and Read More →

Chaise Settee – Modern Lounge Chairs

The chaise settee is a combination of chaise lounge and settee (duh!). Somehow, it’s what’s it’s called and I’ve just found out that it’s a name by it’s own. These are lounges with backrest and armrests, hence the name. Anyway, I want to share this with you as these are absolutely charming! It’s simple, minimalist, chic and so darn tempting to have to add as Read More →

Chaise Lounge Cushion Best Picks

Having a chaise lounge cushion is a must to give yourself that added comfort from the padding. Not only that, chaise lounge cushions comes in many different sizes, designs and colors that you will not have lack of choices to choose from. It is easy to fastened on your chaise lounge and you can immediately use it right away. These chaise lounge cushions comes with Read More →

Romantic Valentine And A Chaise Lounge

It’s Valentine and if you want to take a step further and not own a chaise lounge chair, why not get one now to cuddle up with your partner for a romantic Valentine? It was seen in the stores now that chaise lounge chairs specially made for Valentine are now out and for sale. Check out Fama.es ‘s My Apple chaise lounge and you know Read More →

Sectional Sofa With Chaise Lounge – Brilliant Hybrid Sofa

The sectional sofa with chaise lounge is one of the new and popular hybrid sofa chaise that gives you more comfort in your living room. This chair allows you to sit and also to stretch your legs out while being supported on the sofa itself. Sectional sofa with chaise comes in many different designs as well as materials. There is really not much to doubt Read More →

Chaise Lounge Cover – Protection Layer

Here, we’ll be featuring some chaise lounge covers as it is an important outer layer that protects your beloved chaise lounge chair. Whether it’s outdoor or indoor, you will definitely find some use of these covers. Most of these covers can last for years at the same time protects your chaise from wearing out too soon. So, if you are looking for a chaise lounge Read More →

Le Corbusier Chaise Lounge Review

Le Corbusier chaise lounge is a unique piece of furniture designed by Le Corbusier, a renown pioneer of today’s modern architecture. Le Corbusier was universally known and respected for his unique flair in the modern architecture designs to improve the living conditions of residents in high population areas such as large cities in around the world. This piece of chaise lounge, as you can see Read More →