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How To Get A Cheap Chaise Lounge With A Low Budget

The chaise lounge is often seen as a luxury piece of furniture. Now, you can own a chaise lounge of your own even if you have a small budget. Thanks to our friends on the internet, many of these folks have shared some of their brilliant ideas that can help us save so much more and yet let us own a chaise lounger! Here are Read More →

Comfy Bean Bag Chaise Lounge Seats

Even chaise lounge chairs do come in forms of bean bags. Not your traditional chaise lounge or a bean bag, let us introduce you to this new hybrid, which is a mix between a bean bag and a lounger. This bean bag is shaped like a typical lounger except that it’s a bean bag. No hard, firm surface and you can just jump in and Read More →

Chaise Settee – Modern Lounge Chairs

The chaise settee is a combination of chaise lounge and settee (duh!). Somehow, it’s what’s it’s called and I’ve just found out that it’s a name by it’s own. These are lounges with backrest and armrests, hence the name. Anyway, I want to share this with you as these are absolutely charming! It’s simple, minimalist, chic and so darn tempting to have to add as Read More →