Chaise Lounge Slipcovers

There are many different types of chaise lounge slipcovers that are available in the market.  Chaise lounge slipcovers  are also known as your furniture’s clothing. Usually slipcovers are used on upholstered chaise lounges.If you want to know what are slipcovers for, the points below will explain it all.

Not only that, we’ll introduce you to some of the slipcovers that are currently in store, just incase you want to buy some chaise slipcovers yourself. 



Slipcovers are available for all sorts of chaise lounge chairs. You can easily find slipcovers for no arm chaise, 2 arms chaise lounges, slipcovers of many different types of fabrics and many more.

Looks More Appealing

Slipcovered chaise lounges looks appealing. I am not saying that the chaise lounge that we buy are ugly originally but we can add some custom touches to it through slipcovers.

Besides that, you get to switch between print designs for your chaise lounge to suit your mood as well as the season without needing to change the entire chair.

It also make your chaise lounge look new again if your chair has been around for years and looks a little worn out. Just put on a slipcover on it and it looks all new again!

Cost Effective

There are many plain chaise lounge chairs available for sale at an affordable price. These are pretty much no-frills  and with slipcovers, you can easily style it up with a slipcover on your plain chaise lounge. Slipcovers makes it easy for you to coordinate your interior designs matching your wall and other furniture pieces you have at home. Instead of changing your walls or buying a new chaise lounge chair to match it, you can easily just put on a new slipcover that matches your interior design

If you happen to get second hand chaise lounge chairs, you can easily make it look brand new with a fresh set of slipcovers without getting a headache nor burning a hole in your pocket.


Slipcovers for chaise lounge are used to protect your chair. It’s removable and easy to wash. Washing the chaise lounge is very difficult and if we need to, we’ll most probably need to send for professional sofa cleaning services or get specific tools such as the steamers for upholstery to wash the chaise.

If you’re tight on budget to buy the cleaning tools, the other quicker and easier option is to get slipcovers so that when it gets dirty, we can just wash the slipcovers and then reuse it again.

In the olden days, where air-conditioning were not available, people put on slipcovers to protect their chaise lounge or sofas to protect it from sweat during warm seasons. The slipcovers are clear vinyl or plastics, unlike the fabric ones of today. You can imagine how awkward and uncomfortable it can be sitting on plastics.

Modern upholstery though, are much more durable and are designed to be easy to clean. This makes the modern chaise lounges more longer lasting. Still, if you are as paranoid as me, believing in the wear and tear of physical products, you’ll be interested to get a chaise lounge slipcover.

Slipcovers can be custom made or be bought in ready-made forms. Slip covers are usually made from fabric. People who have the intention to add on a slipcover on their chaise lounges often choose chaise lounge upholstered in plain muslin because it’s going to covered up anyway.

Places such as the department stores or online such as Amazon and eBay, which do have chaise lounges slipcovers available in affordable prices. Below are some of the slipcovers that are available based on the types of chaise lounges. Feel free to click on it for more details.

Ready to shop? Check out some of the latest chaise slipcovers that are for sale below! If you want to view the products at the store, just click on the image or the link and you’ll get more information about it.


Ikea Kivik Chaise Removable Slipcover

(click on the image or the link for the product details)

Ikea Kivik Chaise Slipcover


* * *

Ikea Ektorp Right Arm Chaise Slipcover


IKEA No Arm Chaise Slipcover     |   Ektorp Right Arm Chaise



* * *

Two Arm Chaise Lounge Slipcovers

Left to Right: Chloe 2 arm chaise lounge slipcover  , Crate and Barrel 2 arm slipcover

(currently stock unavailable)

chloe-two-arm-slipcovercrate-and-barrel-two arm-chaise-slipcover

* * *

Ikea Tylosand Slipcover Everod Red Brown

(click to view full details)


* * *

Ikea Karlstad Add-On Chaise Cover Slipcover Korndal Medium Blue

Comes in green,black and blue (click for more info)

Ikea Karlstad Add-On Chaise Cover-blue

* * *

Ikea Kramfors Chaise Lounge Slipcover  (click to see more info)



Hope you like it and find it useful!

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