Comfy Bean Bag Chaise Lounge Seats

Even chaise lounge chairs do come in forms of bean bags. Not your traditional chaise lounge or a bean bag, let us introduce you to this new hybrid, which is a mix between a bean bag and a lounger. This bean bag is shaped like a typical lounger except that it’s a bean bag. No hard, firm surface and you can just jump in and get buried into it, which makes it super comfortable.

Think of it like a giant pillow that is shaped like a day bed, or a chaise lounger. Anyways, this is so exciting and I can’t wait to show you some of the colorful selection that are available. These modern looking and vibrant bean bag loungers are from Majestic Homes.

See ’em below and click for more information!

Aruba Bean Bag Chair Lounger Chevron Bean Bag Chair Lounger Hot Pink and White French Quarter Bean Bag Chair Lounger Majestic Home Goods Black Large Polka Dot Bean Bag Chair Lounger


Towers Bean Bag Chair LoungerMajestic Home Goods Links Bean Bag Chair Lounger

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