Endless Kivik Chaise Slipcovers To Match Your Home

Are you a fan of the super versatile chaise lounge Kivik from Ikea? If you are then this post is going to be an indulgence for you because it’s all about Kivik! I wanna share with you some of the great Kivik chaise slipcovers that will let you transform your Kivik chair to suit your home interior design with the latest trending colors that are all the rage now in modern homes.

First, if you have a or several Kivik chair(s) and you want some ideas on how to make it feel like its all new and exciting again, here are some great inspiration ideas for you! This chaise lounge chair is so versatile that it can easily blend into any home with a little DIY and some spare time.

Let’s check out some of the ideas on how to place and rearrange your chaise lounge chair to create a whole different look below.

Source:Rosa’s Inspiration

Source: Pinterest.com

Source: YoungHouseLove.com

Lucky us, there are lots of custom Kivik slipcovers available with a vast variety of colors and patterns. This can enable you to change your chaise as frequent as you want without the hassle of planning out how to match your chair in the room should you decide to go for a new remodelling of your home space colors.

First off, I want to introduce you to the latest slipcovers that are all perfect for the current trends in homes now. If you have been following home trends closely from sources such as Benjamin Moore, hgtv, behr, elledecor, House Beautiful – the slipcover choices you have for the Kivik will definitely match up easily.

Pastels are great colors that are easy on the eyes and spells out C.O.M.F.O.R.T. It adds a pop of color to the home space in a subtle manner and is easy to adapt. If you want to try a little bolder besides the usual whites and beige, then, you might want to try out using pastel colors first.

In case you’re wondering, here is the best pastel color swatches picked by home color experts.

Source: Cocokelley.com

Here are some great slipcovers for the Kivik chaise lounge chair in pastel color range to match these colors.

Click here to check out more Kivik chaise lounge chairs slipcovers


If you prefer classic earthy tones, there are also some great collection to choose from as well. Earthy tones are great and can match almost every home interior colors and it gives a sense of warmth and coziness to the space.

Here is the color swatches picked that are currently the best earth-toned colors for homes.

Source: behr.com

And below, we have a range of chaise slipcovers in earth-tones.

Finally, if you are daring and want something bolder such as prints or bold colors, you’d most likely love the Unbounded color swatches recommended by Sherwin-Williams.

Source: Sherwin-Williams

If bold colors suits your style, here are some great picks on colorful range of Kivik slipcovers.

 > > > Click here for more Kivik chaise slipcovers  <  < < 

This chair is great on its own as a daybed for your favorite reading corner. As we’ve seen, some folks have been pretty creative and have been able to pull off the idea of transforming it into a sofa couch in the living room.

The idea of putting three together and make it a 3-seater couch gives everyone plenty of space to stretch out and watch the television or simply just lay around on a lazy Sunday. For those with children at home, the little ones will definitely love having more space to roll around on the chairs.

Hope you like this post and if you are looking for more slipcover ideas for other chaise lounge chair designs such as the Ektorp and Karlstad, be sure to check out this roundup post on more ideas for chaise lounge slipcovers.


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