The Indoor Chaise Lounge

Chaise Lounge Indoor is about indoor chaise lounge (chaise longue) chairs and furnitures. Here, we provide information as well as some interesting facts about chaise lounge chairs. Back in the olden days, it was known as chaise longue. Notice that different spelling? Since it was used so widely in the United States, it was then accepted as chaise lounge.

No doubt, these sexy old-fashioned chairs are furniture that has an evergreen fashion trend for your home. It may be called old-fashioned, from the time it was first invented, but it’s still one of the hottest piece of furniture many people would want to have. We can’t deny that many would consider these as part of their home lifestyle interior design especially for a modern family today.

A chaise lounge chair is a sofa chair that is long enough to support the legs of the person sitting on it. Think of it as a combination of a bed and a chair. If you have seen the fashion of a chaise lounge chair or furniture, and you are the type who just love classic designs, then don’t miss out on checking out these lovely chairs.


The chaise lounge is believed to originate from Egypt. For the Greeks, in the 8th century BC, they have changed the normal culture of sitting at the table for a drink and conversation to reclining on these chaise lounge. If you have noticed, the ancient Greek art usually shows god or goddesses to be lounging on these long chairs.

As for the Romans, the chaise lounge chairs are also used for sleeping and eating. Several of these chaise lounge chairs are put together to allow several people to sit together while they have their conversation, food and drinks. Back then, the Romans did not practice upholstery and therefore, the couches are covered with pillows, lose covers and animal skins.

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image source: inottawa

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