These Ikea Ektorp Chaise Slipcovers Will Revive Your Favorite Chair

These series may be discontinued but with these Ikea Ektorp chaise slipcovers, you can revive and keep your favorite seat for a longer period of time! To be honest, these are in demand but the supplies are just so scarce. Once I saw that it’s available again, I couldn’t help but tell you Ektorp lovers about it!

In case it’s been too long, let’s refresh our memory on how this chaise lounge looks like. The Ikea Ektorp chaise lounge chair comes in 3 different designs. One without arms, one with left arm and one with a right arm. There is no two arms version for this Ektorp chaise lounge (longue) series as I’ve just searched through again on the internet just to be sure.

So, if yours have been worn out, saggy and all; don’t worry! Just fix it with fillers to give it back its shape, put over brand new set of slipcovers and you’ve got yourself a brand new Ektorp chaise lounge without needing to part your hard-earned cash with a brand new chaise.

Oh rights, so I was saying that these lovelies slipsovers are now available again and if you’re in need of reviving your own Ektorp or you just want it to have a fresh new look again, check out these slipcovers that are now available.

Ikea Ektorp Chaise Covers

First, there’s the rice beige, which is the pretty much original color off Ikea sofas. This available with left arm, right arm and no arms designs.

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beige-chaise-slipcover white-no-arm-ektorp-chaise-slipcover

So, if you already have an Ektorp chaise lounge (longue) chair and you want to give it back its original look, just check out these slipcovers above. It’s really a much cheaper and environmental-friendly way to refresh your old Ektorp and make it all new again.

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