Ultimate List of Contemporary Chaise Longue Chairs

This list is put together to share with you the types of modern chaise longue (lounge) chairs that are trending as one of the highly favored furniture. Originally known as chaise longue (form it’s origin french name), many now refer this type of chair as chaise lounge.

The chaise is a great piece of furniture that adds class and taste to your living space. Not only is it esthethically pleasing to the eyes, this chair is also extremely comfortable due to its shape. It gives great comfort whether its for a comfy reading spot or for you to laze on and enjoy the television or simply the sunlight that shines into your home.

There are many ways and places to put the chaise lounge chair in your home and I’ll write about it more in another post. Now, I’m going to give you a quick but jam-packed of information about how the chaise have evolved over the years and how many versions of this chair was created.


First is the chaise longue (lounge) which is a chair with an extended body to support your legs. It’s a long chair where you are able to sit reclining with back support.

Some chaise lounge chairs come with arm rest and some don’t Sometimes, these chairs also comes in wavy form that makes it even more comfortable to lie on.

Chaise lounge chairs mostly are for one person to sit on but with the many invention and modification of the chaise, there are also some versions that are wider to either make it more spacious and for two person to enjoy it.

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chaise lounge longue chaise baxton


The settee is also a long seat that looks like a two-seat couch or a bench. The settee comes with arm rests and a back rest and are usually upholstered. As a seat, it fits two person and it makes a luxurious piecec of furniture that adds class to the room.

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settee chaise sofa settee sorano


Daybeds looks like a bench with its two armrests on both sides and a back. It will look perfectly like any couch in the living room.  The daybeds usually have a twin size mattress which makes it an great furniture that will transformed into a perfect bed at night in the living room.


The divan is the simplest looking one of all because it’s exactly like a daybed except that it’s all and only the mattress itself. The divan is known as the simplest because it usually doesn’t come with back or armrest. This mattress is usually tufted and it’s a great daybed for nap time!

The divan is usually pushed against the wall as the wall will act as its backrest. It’s simple form can be easily revamped and disguise as a sofa and couch piece in your living room simply by placing  lots of pillows and cushions on it.

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Finally, the recamier is yet another sibling to the chaise lounge. The divan is pretty unique because it usually comes with armrests on both sides and no backrest. The popular recamier trademark is its two rolled up armrests. Even the recamier itself has many different versions to choose from.


Oops, sorry, got a bit carried away with the recamier but I simply just can’t help telling you how nice they are! These are my favorites!

These are the main and popular forms of the chaise lounge chairs and this chair is certainly going to keep on evolving which will benefit our living space as it’s such a versatile piece of furniture.


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